Many of your clients are simply not aware of
this amazing credit they qualify for.

Earn a significant commission while turning your clients into loyal customers.

Under the Recovery Startup program, the IRS is reimbursing ANY new business for wages paid in 2021. This is literally a gift for startups and almost a secret… rarely known to those qualified thus leaving free money on the table.

The ERC credit had taken the US business world by storm with an unprecedented tax credit in a magnitude never seen in history. But shhh, there is almost a secret which has not yet been realized by hundreds of thousands of qualifying businesses. While regular businesses only qualify if they were severely impacted by Covid-19, startup businesses - on the other hand - qualify with almost no requirement. And this will not last for too long anymore.

And keep in mind; this is not a loan and may be used any way the owner prefers. We like to call it a grant, because this is exactly how it acts.

My business is not a startup. Why does this matter for me?
You may not qualify yourself (or maybe you do), but perhaps you have some clients who began business in 2020 or 2021 and paid wages in 2021. Earn ~$2,000 in commission for each referral and make them grateful to you by simply letting them know about this. They will remain loyal to you for life! We have references of “real people” from your area we already assisted with claiming this credit. We can also provide recommendations of well-renowned CPA’s we worked together on behalf of their clients. Please don’t hesitate to ask for them.

No fees upfront. Client only pays when they get the money.

No personal information required such as SSN or DOB.

You reach out and introduce to your customer, so you're in compliance with your privacy policy.

How Do I Qualify?

In order to qualify, the business should meet the following:


Started operating after february 15,2020


Had w-2 employees in 2021,excluding owner and family


Haven't filed yet for ERC (or ERTC)