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Work Opportunity Tax Credit Maximized

We Specialize in Maximizing WOTC for:

Small Businesses and Start-up Organizations

Receive up to $9,600 per Employee!

Your Partner in the WOTC Journey!

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Lowest Rates Guaranteed

Unlike our competitors who require payment upfront or charge 30-50% of your credit, we only ask for a small percentage that is mostly payable after you have received your funds. We prioritize savings for our clients by avoiding unnecessary marketing and branding expenses.

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Your Refund Guaranteed

We guarantee 100% accuracy on our filings or your money-back. We are so confident in our expertise we can fully back this policy! Furthermore, we stand behind you in the rare case of an audit to ensure that you end up with your maximum funds eligible.

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Unmatched Expertise

While many of our competitors are just starting out in offering this filing, we have already achieved great success in filing and delivering credits worth millions of dollars. Our team of highly experienced professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of this program, allowing us to ensure that you receive the maximum funds allowed while adhering to the law 100%.

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The Best Solution 

52+ Years Combined Experience in the Financial Industry. Qualify with three easy steps!

If your company is constantly in search of new employees, you have the opportunity to transform this into a substantial tax credit by hiring individuals whom the government wishes to encourage.

1) We determine the eligibility of your employees. Our streamlined process allows us to thoroughly evaluate your employees and determine if they meet the necessary qualifications. This way, you can avoid dealing with this task yourself.

2) We carefully review your payroll information. We will collect details regarding the amount of wages paid to each employee, as well as other relevant information.

3) We handle the credit processing for you. At the end of the year, we calculate the credit based on your payroll data and complete all the required forms to claim the credit.

  • Eligibility determination
  • Review payroll information
  • Signatures
  • Data Synchronization


Why us?

Unmatched customer service. (JK Payroll will handle everything and leave you alone) 
We offer the lowest rate on the market!(up to 50% less than our competitors.) 
NO job is too big or too small!(Most organizations require a minimum amount of W-2 employees to even consider assisting you!)

Reduction in Federal Income Tax Liability

By taking advantage of the benefits offered by the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, employers have the opportunity to greatly reduce their federal tax liability or even eliminate it completely in certain cases. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the amount of tax credits received cannot exceed the total income tax liability of the business.

Even if an employer does not have any income tax liability, they can still apply for the WOTC. Any unused tax credits can be carried back up to 12 months or carried forward for up to 20 years on future tax returns. This flexibility allows employers to use their tax credits at a later date when they have a corporate income tax liability.

The reduction in federal tax liability can have a significant impact on the cost of doing business for employers. The savings achieved through the WOTC program can be utilized for business expansion or to support the core operations of the company.

Cost Reduction

By handling the administrative tasks related to WOTC tax credits in-house, you'll need to hire skilled staff solely dedicated to this process. This can significantly inflate your HR expenses. However, by entrusting your tax credit management and handling responsibilities to Quentelle, you gain access to cutting-edge technology, streamlined business processes, and substantial cost savings.

This is made possible because our experienced professionals, supported by the advanced automation platform capabilities of JK Payroll, can complete these tasks at a much faster pace, with greater accuracy, and at a lower cost to your organization. Additionally, you'll enjoy savings by eliminating the need for ongoing investments in updating and maintaining internal infrastructure required for in-house operations.

Large Number of Candidates Are Potentially Eligible

Even if a business has never previously taken part in the federal WOTC program, there is a significant likelihood that they may already have employees or will hire new candidates who qualify for this program. In most industries, approximately one in every five new employees is eligible for this valuable tax credit. However, certain industries may have an even higher rate of qualification.

According to data from the Department of Labor, in 2018 alone, a staggering 5.6 million new hires were made under the WOTC program. Considering the average eligibility rate of approximately 20%, this translates to a remarkable $2.5 billion in tax credits that eligible employers could claim during that period.

Conquer the Challenges of WOTC Benefits with JK Payroll

Are you missing out on valuable WOTC benefits because your organization is hesitant to allocate internal resources to this tedious and time-consuming process? Let Quentelle be your partner in maximizing your rightful WOTC opportunity, while freeing up your valuable resources and talent from the burdensome tasks of form completion, submission within deadlines, preparing documentation, and ensuring compliance.

With the IRS allowing only 28 days for the submission of required documents, traditional labor-intensive approaches to WOTC administration can be costly and prone to errors. Particularly when your company is hiring a large number of new employees, managing the WOTC paperwork can be overwhelming. This is where JK Payroll, in collaboration with Walton, comes in to assist employers in replacing their manual in-house WOTC process with an automated platform service.

JK Payroll's professional support and service for WOTC tax credits starts with a brief questionnaire integrated into the hiring process to identify all eligible candidates. The automated screening and onboarding process, utilizing the digital platform capabilities of JK Payroll, allows your company to eliminate the burden of in-house identification and processing of tax credits. This significantly reduces the time and effort demands on your HR teams, while ensuring your business reaps the maximum benefits of tax credits.

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The specific credit amounts provided by the WOTC are subject to variation and are determined by the specific target group the employee belongs to, their annual salary, and the number of hours they work during their first year of employment. For instance, an individual with a felony record may be eligible for an impressive $8,000 credit based on their allowable wages, while someone classified as a long-term family assistance aide may qualify for an even more substantial $10,000 credit.

In the case of a full-time employee, the credit that can be claimed will fluctuate between 25% and 40% of the employee's qualified wages. Typically, employers will be eligible for 25% of the employee's wages if they work a minimum of 120 hours. However, for those employees who work 400 or more hours in their first year, the credit can soar to a remarkable 40% of their wages. It's important to note that individuals who worked fewer than 120 hours in the previous year will not meet the criteria for this credit.

To determine if you can benefit from the WOTC, the first step is to assess if your employees fall into any of the target groups. These groups include:

- Recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) IV-A

- Qualified veterans (must have served at least 180 days and meet other criteria)

- Ex-felons (individuals released from prison within the past year)

- Designated community residents (those residing in empowerment or economic opportunity zones)

- Vocational rehabilitation referrals (individuals with mental or physical disabilities)

- Summer youth employees

- SNAP recipients

- Supplemental Social Security Income recipients

- Long-term family assistance recipients

- Qualified long-term unemployment recipients

Moreover, you will need to undergo a pre-screening and certification process. You must obtain approval from your state workforce association, confirming that you have hired one or more workers who qualify for the credit.

Ensure that the job applicant completes Form 8850 on or before the day a job offer is made. Complete the remaining sections of the form prior to or on the date of the job offer. Additionally, complete the conditional certification Form 9061 (or Form 9062 if they have already applied).

The program is set to continue through December 31, 2025 in hopes that a long-term incentive program will help expand hiring, reintegrate marginalized workers into the workforce, and help maintain a growing economy.

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What is the WOTC? 

Get up to $9,600 per employee.

WOTC is a federal tax credit available to businesses that hire individuals from certain target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.


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